You’ll Regret Not Installing a Villa Elevator

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With the continuous progress of aging, we will face more and more social problems. The travel problem of the elderly will be particularly prominent, whether it is parallel travel out of the family or vertical travel within the family. In fact, the installation of villa elevator is relatively common. Believe it or not, the villa will gradually install the elevator as standard configuration. Villa elevator identity will gradually become a common household appliances.

In the meantime, what cannot deny is, villa elevator also will become a kind of identity is indicative, if begin to install now, can destroy the decorate in the home, as early as possible installs better.

Secondly, coupled with the aging population, many people with limited mobility can only live on the first floor when there is no elevator. With a small household elevator, the elderly can live in a high-rise building, and travel freely up and down the home.

Finally, installed elevator absolutely can add value for oneself house, and add value rate won’t be below 10%, in case you want to turn the house out, very popular absolutely.

villa elevator

A good villa elevator should have the function

  1. There are generally two ways to open the villa elevator. Automatic and manual doors. Automatic, manual door must have the function of mechanical and electrical interlock to prevent the door from being opened when the ladder and elevator are not in use.
  2. No elevator steel structure shaft and no door for domestic elevator. But there must be safeguards against shear collisions.
  3. Manual open door design of most villa elevators. Car without door. Light screen doors must be installed to prevent the risk of friction, collision and extrusion.
  4. It is suggested to set up emergency phone device in the car to prevent trouble and distress.
  5. Self-rescue measures and procedures when increasing people in distress. Passenger elevator is not allowed to help themselves, families, can be a key emergency landing stop.
  6. The standard of villa elevator is equipped with the function and device of emergency flat layer for power failure. However, this function should be used in abnormal situations such as maintenance.

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