Villa Elevator Plan: Basic Decoration Skills

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More and more customers will decorate their villa elevator, achieving the unity of the overall style. Owners are indecisive when decorating a villa elevator. Elevator decoration is in line with the style of the villa should be considered. If a slight mismatch, showed the villa is out of tune with the elevator. So there are skills to choose villa elevator decoration. Sharing something about villa elevator decoration techniques, hope the following tips will help to the owners.

First of all, when choosing the villa elevator, the owners should figure out the style of their villa. It is classical, European or American. This is very important for the decoration of the villa elevator.  Only know the style of the villa. System adjustment and layout for the size, shape and pattern of the car can be reasonable.

Secondly, the determination of the elevator car decoration materials. The details determine the results of the villa elevator decoration. The materials commonly used in the villa elevator car are as following.

1. Metal material: Mainly stainless steel plate, used for decoration of car wall, car door, hall door and door frame. Luxury plate with hair grain, mirror plate, mirror etching plate, titanium plate, gold plate etc.

2. Wood material: Mainly used for decoration of car wall, ceiling rack and elevator floor. There are many types of wooden materials used in car wall decoration. Applicable to star-rated hotels and other high decoration requirements places. The wooden material used for the ceiling and the car should be coordinated and consistent. Floors are wooden floors. The wooden material used in car decoration is required to undergo fire protection treatment and meet the fire control acceptance standards.

3. Glass: Includes glass and mirror for car wall decoration.

4. Man-made materials: mainly refers to man-made materials such as light-transmitting plates and light-transmissive columns used for ceilings.

Thirdly, the villa elevator decoration attention matters

Do not over weight. Due to the change of car weight caused by elevator decoration, the balance coefficient does not meet the requirements, resulting in different degrees of accidents. The elevator design has a certain amount of overweight data, but beyond its number will cause the main engine, gear, spindle and various steel rope, cable roll metal fatigue. None of these effects will work with any testing tool, such as the acceleration of the pit on the rigging, which can only be judged empirically. The elevator itself is overweight, making the elevator run without a second of easy buffer. All kinds of accidents may be caused to the elevator, which should be paid more attention to the high speed elevator and machine room. So the decoration design must control a certain amount of decoration weight.

I hope that the decoration knowledge and skills of the villa elevator above can help the owners. In the future, the villa elevator owner will not be entangled and confused. Conai is the most professional villa elevator manufacturer and supplier with strong technical advantages and rich experience. Contact us!

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