Type of Cottage Elevator

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In this article we will explain:

  • what types of lifts are
  • what lifts used in private homes
  • the type of lift will affect the choice of Elevator
  • what are the advantages and disadvantages of each type of Elevator
  • what you need to pay special attention when choosing a lift for the house

Lifts vary:

  • purpose
  • lifts
  • Freight elevators
  • Small freight elevators
  • drive type
  • lifts with electric actuator (electric elevators)
  • lifts with hydraulic actuator (hydraulic elevators)
  • lifts with pneumatic actuator (pneumatic or vacuum elevators)
  • -the type of Elevator shafts
  • the Installation of an Elevator in the building the mine, built by customer
  • Installation of metal mine, purchased in complete with Elevatorhome elevator

Drive cottage Elevator

What type of drive would be preferable for the cottage Elevator? As a provider of both hydraulic and electric elevators, below is their main differences and factors of preference:

the safety of the Elevator. Immediately check that the level of safety of passengers modern electric and hydraulic elevators are the same, despite the difference in design. Pneumatic lift (or rather, the stairlift, as it does not fall under adopted in the world classification of the Elevator), came to us from the USA, unfortunately, does not meet the requirements of European safety standards, so it is not approved for use in Europe.

the Noise from the Elevator. Hydraulic lift has the ability to install a storage node consisting of an electric motor, hydraulic pump and reservoir with oil in a common metal enclosure) in a separate room or Cabinet, which is isolated from the Elevator shaft. Thus, in the shaft of a hydraulic Elevator is the only cylinder that causes a cabin in motion. The modern electric lift engine is placed in the Elevator shaft is normally in its upper part. Cylinder, in contrast to the motor, is not the source of the noise. Therefore, if the noise in the Elevator shaft unacceptable to you, hydraulic lift is preferable.

the Machine room of the Elevator. For hydraulic Elevator shall be provided for installation of the hydraulic unit (engine room). It can be removed from the mine to a distance of 18 metres in the technical room of the house. The modern electric Elevator machine room is missing.

the Size of the Elevator. Hydraulic lift has a more compact design than electric Elevator

energy lift. With equal capacity and speed of the electric Elevator consumes less power, but hydraulic Elevator consumes energy only when the movement of the cab up.

the Evacuation of passengers. Rechargeable emergency evacuation of passengers during the power failure must be physically present at the cottage Elevator. This is especially important in elevators for INVALIDOV. It is cheaper for hydraulic lift due to design features. Some European manufacturers such safety device – standard lift for the house.

the speed of the Elevator. Modern elevators for homes have a speed range from 0.15 to 1.0 m/s How to choose the speed of the Elevator and how this may affect its type? Very simply, some electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic cottage lifts have the speed limit. We recommend you to use a simple formula:

T=H/V+10 where:

T – the maximum time spent by passengers in the cabin of the Elevator in seconds

H – height of the cabin lift in metres

V – Elevator velocity, m/sec

“10” seconds – amendment to the closing and opening of the Elevator doors.

Being in the cab of the Elevator should not be noticeably tiring. As a rule, if the estimated time T exceeds forty (40) seconds, you should consider increasing the speed of the Elevator, or, failing that, to change the type, model or manufacturer, we offer you a lift.

In the General case, the speed of the cottage Elevator depends on the type of drive:

electric lifts have a speed of from 0.20 to 1.0 m/s

hydraulic elevators – from 0.15 to 0.60 m/s

pneumatic lifts – 0.20 m/s

when choosing the type of lift and speed it should be remembered that the higher the speed, the more power your lifting device.

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