Tips on using elevators

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1. Out of elevators

      Elevator, when the car door is opened, the passengers should be at the back, do not push each other. When the landing door is fully opened before entering the car, to see the ground floor of the elevator car and the floor is in the same plane, so as not to elevator leveling inaccurate stumble. After reaching the destination floor, the car parked and the door is fully opened, confirm the car floor and ground floor in the same plane, and then out of the car.
      Between car and landing doors, and door and frame not use hand door, do not put your hands for a long time; or ran out of the car ran into the elevator when prohibiting closed: When out of the car, also note the following avoid pinch; attention to preventing crutches, stilettos tip card entry sill cracks in the groove or both, to avoid being clamped; the elevator overloaded sound and light alarm can not be closed and the elevator started, this time into the passenger should take the initiative out of the car, waiting for the next one elevator, the elevator doors to be completely shut down and then started to press the call button. Fully loaded elevator does not answer the other landing call, until some of the passengers to leave the elevator, this is not a fault, but to ensure the safety and improve the efficiency of elevator design.

2. Switch the elevator door

      Most elevators everyday use in automatic mode, the elevator, the car automatically turns off after the goalkeeper control system set time, you can also press the close button on the dashboard of the car “> | <” The layers, immediately began to shut the car door achieve closed in advance. After the elevator floor, beginning with the car door closed, when the elevator reaches the destination floor, elevator, car goalkeeper automatically open.
      If you need a delay to close the elevator car door, you can hold down the button to open the door on the car dashboard “<|>”. Prohibit the use of boxes and other objects or body blocking layer, closed the car door, and especially not in between the landing and the car across the standing block layer, a car door, so as not to cause injury.
      Elevator, when the car door is closed, hands, feet and other direct blocking closing is very dangerous. If you need to block the elevator closed, passengers at the landing place, you can press the call button outside the lift lobby on the running direction; a passenger in the car, you can press the button to open the door “<|>”, the elevator, the car door will re-open the door. The hands, feet and other direct block closed, although layer, the car door will usually automatically re-open under the action of safety devices (light curtain or safety edge), but when the system detects a blind door or gate system failure, Elevator There are likely to cause injury.

3. The selected layer inside the car

      There are instructions on each floor of the car interior car dashboard to enter the passenger car destination floor by pressing a button, the selected button indicator will light the button lights indicating that the selected layer has been registered elevator control system. If the destination floor buttons are lit passengers do not want to go to re-election, and do not choose by not landing button. For light loads anti-lift function trouble, when the elevator car passengers rarely load below the set value of the elevator control system in the car, and many passengers choose when target layer (the value can be adjusted in the control system) elevator control system will eliminate all selected layers instruction, passengers need to re-purpose floor button is pressed, this case does not belong to an elevator malfunction.
      In addition, some elevators wrong instruction cancellation function, if selected layer is selected from the number of split-level in the car, and then continuously by pressing the button several times this number of layers (some elevators are long press), the layer button light is off, He represents a group selected layer is canceled.

4. Take the elevator

      After entering the car passenger car should go inside the station, do not hand, backed by the security of the touch panel (or curtains), so as not to affect the layer, close car doors, car doors and do not leave too, especially passenger wearing loose, When dragging clothing (such as long skirts, dresses, etc.), should be taken to avoid clothing layer sandwiched run the car door, causing personal injury.
      When the elevator car station, the elevator, the car door opens automatically, the digital display on the floor of the car dashboard, the corresponding button indicator turns off floor, accessible elevator at the same time there will be voice prompts to inform passengers of the car parked position.

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