The World’s Tallest Elevator: 638 Meters Fujita Through the Mountain Elevators

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From the ancient Egyptian pyramids that had condensed 100,000 troops more than 4,500 years ago, to the Burj Khalifa in Dubai on the 162nd floor in 2010. From the human cranes of Archimedes more than 2,200 years ago, to the Fujita mountain elevators that rose into the sky more than 2,200 years later. In the conquest of higher and faster space to expand the limits, human exploration and technical cultivation has never stopped.

In 2004, the 508-meter Taipei International Financial Center, the 101 Tower, was completed and became the world’s tallest building. At the same time, the elevator that was lifted 448 meters in the building alone became the world’s tallest elevator. In 2010, the new world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, was built in Dubai. Within the skyscraper known as the “vertical city”, the rise of the main elevator reached 504 meters, after which the Shanghai Tower became new at 578.55 meters. The elevator moves vertically at the highest height.

However, all glory records are destined to be broken. Located in the Xinxueguo Ski Resort in Chongli Chicheng, Hebei Province, China, the skiing project, which is only 90km away from Beijing after the Yanchong Expressway, will be the only intercontinental ski resort within 300km of the radius of 800m. And the support of the 800-meter downhill drop is three single-lift Fujida elevators with a height of 638 meters.

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3000 meters long snow road, 800 meters high downhill drop, snow and ice, overwhelming, inside the towering mountains, 3 Fujita large load elevators from the bottom up, the future will be maximized at the same time The land undertakes the task of transporting, creating a thrill and extreme experience for human beings to snow and ice and conquer mountains and rivers.

These three single-lift 638-meter-high Fujita mountain-mounting elevators are 187 meters higher than the elevators of the Taipei 101 building and 1.7 times that of the New York Empire State Building elevators (381 meters). It will become the new world’s tallest elevator when it comes out.

As the “neural spine” of the Xinxueguo Ski Resort, after the completion of three Fujita Mountain Passage Elevators, the transfer from the outside to the ski resort’s summit hall will be realized quickly and easily. The maximum number of passengers in the three elevators is 81. With an hourly carrying capacity of approximately 1,200 people, it will completely change the traditional transportation mode of cable cars and ropeways in large ski resorts in the past, reducing people’s queuing time and allowing skiers to enjoy a more efficient and orderly skiing experience.

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In terms of speed, the three Fujita through-mountain elevators have a maximum running speed of 12m/s, and it takes only 70 seconds to reach the summit departure hall. When Burj Khalifa was completed in Dubai, its elevator claimed to reach the 124-story “World’s Highest Room Appearance View” in one minute, and the Xinxueguo Fujita through the mountain elevator will become a world of one minute. The highest Xinxueguo elevator, when visitors can take the elevator to the main peak of the Xinxueguo, watch the thousands of miles of snow and snow, enjoy a dreamy romantic and safe speed ice and snow trip.


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