Stair Lift Elevator: Advantages of Old Building Installed Chair Lift

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Easy Installation and Save Space

1. Stair lift elevator can be installed even if the width of the stairs is narrow or high enough.

2. Fast installation, only a few days to complete for use.

3. It doesn’t destroy the stairs or occupy the space outside the stairs.

Professional Mapping and Tailored

1. Surveying and mapping engineers will use professional surveying and mapping instruments to measure every detail of your stairs in detail.

2. Technical engineers will make your own stair lift elevator design scheme based on mapping data.

stair lift

Comprehensive Security

1. Safety belt with unique design can be more easily pulled out and fastened across the waist to ensure the safety in moving.

2. When the stairs encounter obstacles, the sensors installed at the edge of the footboard and the bottom of the platform can react immediately and stop safely and stably.

3. Stair lift elevator will slow down automatically when running to the turn to prevent discomfort of elderly people.

4. Stair lift elevator is equipped with anti-slide safety locking device to effectively ensure the safety of the passengers.

Strong and Durable

1. Track is connected by plug-in and each track is locked with a pin, never falling off.

2. Integrated ergonomic chair, engineering plastic chair surface and back.

Simple Operation and Human Design

1. Seat can be folded and the upper and lower ends of the track can be set to stop and turn, which facilitates the passage of the corridor when not taking the stair lift elevator.

2. Stair lift elevator is powered by its own battery during operation. When not in use, it stops at the charging station at the upper and lower ends of the track for automatic charging.

3. Remote control, digital floor call system and intelligent multimedia call system can be selected according to different usage scenarios.

Low Cost

1. Installation of shaft and elevator costs about $40,000 to $60,000 more than stair lift elevator.

In summary, can Coani chair lift be one of the preferred choices for the elderly to go up and down the stairs? Contact us!

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