Stair Lift Cost Guide for Intentional Consumers

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One of the most common questions we receive from people interested in stair lifts is “How much does a stair lift cost?” However, everyone is different, as is their situation and mobility. Therefore, it is difficult to provide an accurate price without knowing the purpose of the stair lift, the type of stairs installed in the elevator, and the options the user needs or wants. However, we can help you understand the stair lift cost and help you determine which models and options best meet your needs and conditions.

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If you think that the stair lift is something you are seriously considering, please click on Get a free quote and we will be happy to respond to you.

  • We will discuss the most user-friendly options and provide you with an accurate “indoor quote”, which means that the cost will include everything (transport, equipment, measurements, taxes, installation costs and warranty)
  • Buying from Conai means that if your elevator needs repair, you will always have someone call
  • We provide continuous maintenance for all installed elevators

As a stair lift company, we are proud to take care of our customers because they are part of our family! We will do our utmost to recommend the elevator that best meets the needs of users, to meet your budget, and most importantly, to ensure user safety!

Stair type – Is your stair straight or curved?

We sell, install and repair two types of stairlift track configurations: straight and curved. The stairs are located in your home or outdoors. The design of the stairs is usually the biggest factor in cost.

stair lift cost, how much does a stair lift cost, how much does a curved stair lift cost, average cost of stair lift, what does a stair lift costStraight stairs:

The Straight Ladder Elevator is a standardized rail that is suitable for all straight stairs and is the cheapest type of stair lift. Since the tracks are standardized, these units typically have faster turnaround times and are also available for purchase.

Curved stairs:

If there are any corners, turns and/or immediate landings on the stairs of your home or building, you will need a custom curved stair lift. Curved models are more expensive than straight models because the guides are custom made. The rails must be designed to match the exact specifications of your particular stair. The price you will pay depends on the exact configuration and any options added. While the price of a curved rail stair lift may seem high, it is still more cost effective than moving into an assisted living facility.


stair lift cost, how much does a stair lift cost, how much does a curved stair lift cost, average cost of stair lift, what does a stair lift costOutdoor stair lift cost

Outdoor models typically cost more than models designed for home use. Outdoor models can withstand outdoor factors such as cold, heat, rain and snow. The lightweight cover moves with the lift and protects it when not in use. It may be necessary to license these types of stair lift models.

Other factors affecting the stair lift cost

Step or travel distance

Although driving distance is not an important determinant in price, it still has an effect if you have more steps than a standard stair. Suitable for straight ladder lifts. The distance traveled by the curved model and the number of turns required will have an impact on the total price. The longer the distance required, the more tracks are required, resulting in higher prices.


There are many options to add to enhance the safety or comfort of the stair lift. Depending on your needs, you may need some, and for your convenience, you may add something else. Here are some of the most common stairlift options, which will increase stair lift cost.

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