Safety Clamp Principle

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Safety clamp — Elevator Safety Guard

Safety Clamp

Safety clamp is a brake device, which is installed in the bottom of elevator car or elevator pair of heavy devices. It can play an important role in safety protection when the elevator overspeed and out of control.

It includes two parts: lifting mechanism and braking mechanism. The function of the lifting mechanism is to transfer the mechanical action of the speed limiter to the braking mechanism and make the braking mechanism act. After the braking mechanism acts, it will lock the elevator on the guide rail to avoid further falling of the elevator.

When the running speed exceeds the rated speed 1.15 times, the elevator speed limiter run and pulling safety clamp lifting device on car through speed limiter wire rope, then the safety pliers on both sides of the car run, and the safety pliers clamp the guide rail tightly so as to brake the car.

Let’s check the manufacturing process of modern safety pliers. Firstly, the design of safety pliers should be based on the release speed. Imagine that the elevator full of passengers stopped suddenly during the descent. It should ensure that the overall deceleration is within the acceptable deceleration range of the human body.

Therefore, according to the coordination standard, the safety clamp is:

A gradual equipment to control elevator car speed.

Buffer type instantaneous safety clamp, control the speed not exceed 1 m/s.

Generally speaking, the safety clamp consist of two solid metal blocks, preferably installed on the horizontal surface of the bottom guide rail of the elevator car.

The guide rail passes through the metal block. the metal block has one or more inclined surfaces which converge with the rail surface, so the metal block components (rollers, metal prisms or other components) can be wedged well and stop the car during the descent process.

As we all learn, the wedge and deceleration of metal parts should not make danger act to passengers. Safety clamp is controlled by speed limit or rope relaxation device.

Once the safety forceps engage, Release operations requiring intervention by qualified professionals.

During the safety clamp run, it is necessary to ensure that The average load distribution of car floor must be ensured, does not exceed a certain value. In addition, the safety electrical contacts must cut off the power supply of the elevator.

If the area at the bottom of the elevator shaft is occupied, it is necessary to install safety clamp on the counterweight of the traction elevator and counterweight of the hydraulic elevator.

The operation of safety clamp is similar to that of elevator car. As stated in the elevator instructions, if the elevator car runs out of control upward, such as cable-towed elevator, the safety clamp must be able to stop the car running at the same time in the process of lifting.

Safety clamp is a kind of safety device to control the speed of elevator. It plays a very important role in the operation and use of elevator.

The more reliable equipment, the greater reliability it can bring, the better service it can enjoy, and the greater advantage it will bring. You can browse our elevators , If you need it or have any questions, please contact us!


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