Small Pitless Residential Home Elevators are the Choice of Most Families

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Definition of Pitless Elevators

Pitless elevator does not require additional excavation pits during installation, so it can be installed directly for the already installed house or duplex building without destroying the existing infrastructure and decoration. Therefore, the pitless screw elevator is a very convenient type of home elevator.

resident home elevator

Advantages of Pitless Residential Home Elevators

1.Save the cost of engineering transformation

Ordinary small wire rope elevators require a relatively large space to install, but the pitless screw residential home elevator are a new type of elevator with its own shaft, which not only reduces the input cost of the excavation pit but also does not damage the current decoration foundation.

Pitless residential home elevators can be directly placed on the bottom floor of the floor and only a few fixed points can be placed. There is no height restriction on the floor height of the top floor, so the cost of installing the elevator in the home can be saved.

2.Decoration is perfectly integrated, stylish and beautiful

Pitless residential home elevators not only need to provide convenience for everyone’s life, but also integrate with the decoration in the home, making them a part of the decoration. The design of the pitless residential home elevators incorporate the popular factors, the four-sided sightseeing glass. It increases the house lighting rate and is suitable for the Chinese and Western styles of decoration. It is a distinguished living space that combines the beauty of harmony and nature with your architecture.

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3.Flexible structure, stable and reliable

The pitless screw residential home elevators can easily realize the right angle opening door, open the door, open the door on 3 sides without affecting the stability of the elevator and increasing the area of the shaft. The screw residential home elevators have a simple structure, it is not prone to failure and has less wearing parts. Customer saves In the post-maintenance troubles. As for the safety performance, the screw residential home elevators are said to never fall off and they are safe and reliable from its main structure.

Conai specializes in providing customers with intelligent small residential home elevators applications and solutions. The integrity, strength and product quality of the Conai are recognized by the industry. We welcome friends around the world to visit, guide and negotiate business. For inquiries, please contact us. Our professional sales will provide you with one-to-one VIP personal customized service.

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