Residential Glass Elevators: Not Suitable in These Outdoor Situations

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Now many customers did not design glass elevators when their houses were being decorated. Due to the limited indoor size, they found a place to install the elevators outside. The personage inside course of industry suggests, the following circumstance does not suit to install the residential glass elevators outdoors. The residential glass elevators installed outside the building must meet special conditions to resist the adverse effects of meteorological conditions on the elevator equipment.

Residential Glass Elevators

  1. Ice time is long, frost is serious

Freezing and frosting pose a great threat to the operation of general load outdoor residential glass elevators. The industry suggests that outdoor residential glass elevators should not be installed in places where ice and frost are frequent. In places where ice and frost are not common, outdoor residential glass elevators should be discontinued in case of ice and frost.

Residential Glass Elevators

  1. Windy places

Outdoor residential glass elevators are not suitable for places where wind is blowing frequently, unless the elevator shaft is located outside the building in a fully sheltered location. Therefore, in this case, it is very important that indoor elevators must be installed separately in the building, so that when weather conditions are not favorable for outdoor elevators operation, indoor elevators can still guarantee transportation without interruption. Moderate rainfall and hot weather do not pose a hazard to properly designed and well-installed elevators, but naturally occurring seasonal dust and sand can lead to excessive wear and maintenance costs.

In addition, the exposed surface of the elevator door and its accessories, as well as the parts of the outside of the car, shall be smooth, durable, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. Its material surface uses anti-corrosive steel or enamel material commonly. In this way, the elevator will be better.


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