Whether the Speed of Residential Elevator is Faster the Better?

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Future elevators, similar to airplanes, will also be equipped with pressure chambers. Quick decompression, you can hardly feel uncomfortable throughout the running process, which will allow the elevator how fast it will be. The faster speed, the higher technical requirements. And  indeed represents the elevator design and manufacturing capacity. So what is the maximum speed of the elevator? Is there a limit to the maximum speed? Comprehensive pressure changes and the ability of the human body to adapt, some experts predict that the highest elevator speed should not exceed 24 m / s. From this point we have created a miracle, infinitely close to this limit! Despite being equipped with a pressure chamber, the elevator is not allowed to drop at speeds of more than 2,000 feet per minute without damaging people’s hearing.

residential elevator

In the future, the speed of screw residential elevator will be faster and faster?

A lot of people seek advice screw residential elevator could go faster, it is ok actually. According to the standard of residential elevator manufacturing, the current European standard for residential elevator is 0.15 m/s.

Regarding the speed increase of the screw residential elevator, it is not recommended. Firstly, it does not meet the European elevator standard. Secondly, the home use does not recommend the speed too fast. Thirdly, if the speed increases, the friction coefficient between the screw and the nut is serious and the service life of residential elevator will be shortened.

Conai elevator has always played the role of industry leader in the field of screw home elevator, and we will do better in the future. Contact us!

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