11 Most Asked Questions about Home Chair Lift

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1. Can I buy a home chair lift if my stairs are bent or turned?

Yes, there are specific home chair lift models designed to be fitted with stairs with curves, turns or intermediate landings. These types of models have custom designed tracks to fit the precise design of your own staircase.

2. How does the home chair lift work?

home chair lifts are a very easy to operate product! A person can go up and down the stairs by pressing a button or pushing a switch on the armrest of the chair. When the user presses the standard rocker switch or the optional toggle switch, the chair lifts smoothly up or down.

3. If it is stormy and the power is running out, can the lift still work?

Yes, because the lifts are all battery powered. After the elevator is turned off, the elevator will provide you with ample up and down stairs.

4. What is the home chair lift attached during installation? Will it damage or damage the wall?

A common misconception about home chair lifts is that they are attached to the wall. However, when installed, they are actually connected to the steps of the stairs instead of the walls. (as follows). home chair lifts installed in your home do not require structural changes.

5. How long does it take to install?

On average, home chair lifts usually take 3-6 hours to be fully installed and ready for use. The installation time depends on whether it is a straight or curved home chair lift. After installing the elevator, our technicians will take the time to help you learn how to operate the elevator safely.

6. After installing the elevator, do family and friends have space to use the stairs?

When not in use, the home chair lift’s armrests, seats and footrests can be folded so that anyone can use them.

7. How do you get off safely?

Safe entry and exit is a top priority for each of our customers. The top seat will be rotated onto the platform or the optional track overrun can be used to safely get on and off. At the bottom landing, the chair is always on the floor for safe access.

8. If I have a narrow staircase, is the lift still suitable?

Yes, in almost all cases, the elevator is suitable. Our experts can help you determine if there is a problem with the width of the stairs.

9. Can the home chair lift be installed outdoors, and if it is installed, will it be protected?

Yes, some models can be built on straight or curved outdoor stairs. The outdoor home chair lift model is like an indoor model. The only difference is that outdoor models can withstand outdoor elements. The elevator comes with a cover that protects it when not in use.

10. What is the best home chair lift for my family or friends?

Conai comes with several different home chair lift models for straight and curved stairs. Therefore, we will be able to match the appropriate home chair lift for the person who will use it, taking into account the user’s mobility, weight and height.

11. Why choose Conai home chair lift?

We have a friendly staff who will help you find the home chair lift that best suits your needs, making it the safest at home. You can visit our showroom, which is equipped with fully operational home chair lifts that allow you or your family to watch and test the ride before deciding to purchase. All our elevators are installed and repaired by our own factory certified technicians. If you have any other questions or would like a free quote, please contact us immediately!

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