Difference between Cargo elevator and Lifting platform

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      As the elevator industry for a more extensive customer base so customers sometimes consult your lift ladder and hydraulic lifting platforms What is the difference ah, we just want to be used to transport goods in the workshop, see you so many products in the end what to choose Kind, what kind of time is ours? The following elevator manufacturer – Ningbo Conai will tell you about lifting freight elevators and hydraulic lifting platform in the end what is the difference?

      Some people say that elevators and hydraulic lifting platforms are just two kinds of names, which can be said to refer to the same type of equipment. However, since both versions are widely directed, the understanding in the industry is clear and the majority of customers are confused.

      Lifting equipment industry more professional explanation is: Lifter is on the vertical passageways to carry people or cargo lifting or closed or semi-enclosed platform literally, including many types of goods with a lift, construction lifts, hydraulic escalators, elevators also Should belong to this category.And lifting platform refers to a multi-functional handling equipment, lifting platform, which includes the elevator, but in the main crane lifting equipment, such as scissor lift platform lifting platform are small lifting platform.

      What is the difference between elevators and hydraulic lifting platform? Our lifting industry, the two products are generally the same as saying, but the lifting of the freight elevators include a relatively broad and some of the meaning of the hydraulic lifting platform is relatively narrow, like us Such hydraulic lifting equipment, lifting lift call more than the lift reasonable. We have to choose for their own lifting equipment, so that in peacetime work will be handy.


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