Installing Personal Home Elevator With an Automatic Rescue Device

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As a personal home elevator manufacturer, we put forward higher requirements on safety protection, especially for the elderly or children in the family. If there is a sudden power outage or malfunction in the elevator, choose automatic rescue device and automatically dial configuration. The personal home elevator provides maximum security for the family. The electrical components of the personal home elevator are roughly divided into the control panel, and switch of each safety circuit, etc. It is the brain of the elevator and the central nerve of the elevator. The start operation and door switch of the elevator are dominated by it, so it must be treat as a priority in daily maintenance work.

We recommend that you try to choose a personal home elevator with an automatic rescue device and an automatic dial device. The personal elevator is different from the public elevator. It is used for a single home. Therefore, the personal home elevator has higher requirements for safety protection. Especially for the elderly or children in the family, if there is a sudden power outage or malfunction in the elevator, choose a personal home elevator with automatic rescue device and automatic dialing configuration to maximize the safety of the family. Generally, three numbers can be pre-stored, and when an accident occurs, the number can be automatically cycled to notify the family to come to the manual control.

Personal Home Elevator

Conai personal home elevator

1.The power standard configuration has emergency self-rescue function, which is more secure and reliable.

2.With overload protection.

3.There is also an emergency call system in the car.

4.It has the characteristics of environmental protection and energy saving, and is equipped with a power-saving design. If the personal home elevator enters without any operation command within a certain period of time, it will enter the power-saving mode.

Conai elevator has always played the role of industry leader in the field of personal home elevators, and we will do better in the future. Contact us!

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