Several Misunderstandings of Personal Elevator

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No. Category Personal elevator Passenger elevator
1 Scope of use Private Public
2 Load 250-400kg 450-2500kg
3 Speed 0.4m/s 1.0-18.0m/s
4 Door opening Hand-operated door / automatic door Automatic door
5 Drive Traction type, hydraulic type, screw type Machine room type, machine room less type, hydraulic type

From the table we can find that the technical specifications of the personal elevator and the passenger elevator are very different. For example, personal elevator load can not exceed 400kg and speed can not exceed 0.4m/s. But in real life, people often require the manufacturer to provide a larger elevator car or higher speed. Such as 1.0m / s, 1.75m / s, etc., which has far exceeded the requirements of the elevator manufacturing specifications, this is too focused on the appearance, decoration, but not the safety of the elevator is the misunderstanding of choosing a personal elevator. Therefore, it is very important to correctly recognize the nature and technical specifications of personal elevators.

home elevator

The structure of the private house determines the choice of personal elevator should adopt the structure of the machine room less personal elevator. If the existing house needs to be installed with an elevator, it can no longer destroy the original structure of the house. The bottomless pit should be used for the personal elevator, which saves construction costs and building space. While taking care of the appearance and aesthetics of the house.

Machine room less elevator refers to an elevator that does not require a building to provide a closed special machine room for installing elevator drive system, control cabinet, speed limiter and other equipment. Machine room less elevator is not a simple partial improvement of the traditional elevator in the past, but a major change in elevator technology. This is because some of the key technologies it uses will be applied to other elevator products, which will drive the technological advancement of the entire elevator industry.

In recent years, the personal elevator has gained popularity. Conai is a personal home elevator factory and we provide affordable personal elevator cost. Contact us!

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