China Small Machine Room Passenger Lift Manufacturers

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Low carbon uprising, starting a new era of energy conservation

On the basis of inheriting the modern and highly mature technology. Conai small machine room passenger lift improves the reliability and flexibility of the elevator system, and realizes the real advantages of environmental protection and energy conservation.

Families and small machine room passenger lift resistance compared with machine room passenger lift, adopt the reasonable construction layout, make the room area is as large as well, saved the space room, at the same time reduce the influence of the exterior of the building unique. The room can accommodate the appearance with special construction requirements of the building, not only reduces the cost of construction, at the same time more helpful to inspire architects, create a magnificent work of art.

Passenger Lift

Precise control

Conai small machine room passenger lift ensures the intelligent operation of the elevator is the guarantee of safety, technology and comfort.

A comfortable ride

The frame enclosure is protected to ensure the stability of the flat floor, so as to increase safety. Adopt tall car, match LED natural light source illumination, have multiple choice to match decorate, honored guest comes in and out, extraordinary.

Passenger Lift

Safe and reliable to ensure the safety of passengers

Conai small machine room passenger lift Uses waterproof treatment of light screen door system, more reliable performance. To ensure passengers free access and safety.

Trusted small machine room passenger lift  manufacturer in China. We provide installation and maintenance. Contact us!

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