Importance of Passenger Lift Maintenance

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As a special product, passenger elevator is widely used in public places where all kinds of people gather. Once people trapped in elevator, the social impact is serious. Behind the security incident, is it really like people think, just because the quality of the passenger elevator is not satisfactory? Or do you think that the elevator or escalator safety failure rate is quite high?

passenger elevator

There is a saying in the elevator industry that the quality of the elevator mainly depends on the installation. For the newly installed elevators, the installation and maintenance is already very important, and for the old elevators, more maintenance is needed. As the industry expert has said, comprehensive management must be carried out in terms of standards, manufacturing, installation and maintenance to improve the quality of elevators. In fact, the number and capacity of installers currently does not match the number of new elevators.

Installation is only a short-term link for elevators. Maintenance and use management is a long-term process. To ensure the long-term, stable and reliable operation of elevators and escalators, good maintenance and maintenance are indispensable.

passenger elevator

It is reported that the current lift maintenance is divided into two forms: one is the maintenance or entrusted company of the original lift maintenance; the second is that the elevator use company employs a third-party lift maintenance company for maintenance. Professionals say that there are many reasons why maintenance do not do well. For example, in order to save expenses, the lift maintenance company is hired at a price significantly lower than the cost. The maintenance is just a form. In addition, the number of elevators is growing rapidly, professional maintenance personnel gap is large. There are few professionals, and the quality of lift maintenance is still uneven. Do not use elevator fee at maintenance as needed to save money. “In actual lift maintenance, some companies reduce the number of lift maintenance and projects. Or no lift maintenance at all, only to deal with emergency repairs, which invisibly increases the risk of elevator use.”

The importance of lift maintenance can easily be overlooked. But if properly managed, it can extend the life of the elevator. If you have any problem about maintenance, pls contact us!

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