Why Do Many People Worry about the Passenger Elevators Safety?

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Unsafe elevator is mainly the psychological shadow caused by the two accidents of the public passenger elevators crouching and charging. In fact, the main reason for the occurrence of this situation is that no abnormalities are found in the elevators during maintenance, which led to prolonged operation of the elevators leading to illness.

Elevator safety operation has always been a concern in the development of elevator. Although with the update of elevator technology, multiple elevator safety devices such as electrical and mechanical devices have been installed to ensure safety, the effectiveness of elevator safety devices has a direct impact on passenger elevators’ safety operation. Therefore, this article analyzes the relationship between the effectiveness of passenger elevators’ safety protection device and the phenomenon of squatting and punching, and proposes preventive measures from the perspective of strengthening passenger elevators inspection and maintenance, which is helpful for improving the efficiency of passenger elevators inspection and maintenance personnel and reducing the possibility of the occurrence of squatting and punching.

Meaning of elevator squats and spikes

The squatting bottom of passenger elevators refers to the phenomenon that when the passenger elevator goes down to the bottom end station, it cannot effectively stop and hit the bottom pit. The top of the passenger elevator is the phenomenon that when the passenger elevator is going up to the top station, it cannot stop effectively and continues to rush to the top of the shaft.

The reason for the elevator squats and spikes?

  1. Brake failure or insufficient braking force;
  2. End station protection switch fails;
  3. Insufficient traction capacity;
  4. Fault of speed limiter and safety clamp;
  5. Overload of elevator;
  6. The upward protection device fails.

Are there any protective measures for elevator squats and spikes?  

When the control system fails, the passenger elevators car will move down beyond the first level until it stops at the buffer of the pit. The buffer is a protection device for this purpose, which is made up of spring type and hydraulic type respectively according to the operation speed of the passenger elevators. When the sedan squats on the bumper, it is called the squat. At this point, the impact of the buffer on the passenger elevators car to alleviate, not to cause serious damage to the passenger in the elevator.

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