Panoramic Elevator: How to Do If the Temperature is High?

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The panoramic elevator is an electric motor-powered vertical hoist with a box-shaped pod for multi-storey buildings to take passengers or carry cargo. The hoistway wall and the car wall with one or several sides are transparent materials, and the passengers can watch the scenery outside the car while riding the elevator. The high temperature problem of the panoramic elevator shaft can not be ignored. Since the panoramic elevator shaft is composed of one or several sides of glass, the glass insulation performance is poor, so that the temperature in the hoistway and the car is close to the outdoor temperature.

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The high temperature in the hoistway makes the components in the hoistway vulnerable to damage. The elevator shaft is the passage for the elevator to run. The temperature in the hoistway is too high, which may cause the following problems:

(1) When the car is running, it may cause over-current phenomenon in the car door machine, causing the door machine to burn down, accelerating the aging of the car and the door box junction box, and aging of the door and car door lock power lines.

(2) The top and bottom running button glue point failure of the car top inspection is twice as high as that of the fully enclosed type hoistway, and the car top emergency stop switch is more likely to be damaged.

(3) The accompanying cable, the pit emergency stop switch, the upper and lower limit position, the upper and lower limit switch, the tension wheel switch, the hydraulic buffer electric switch, the energy storage buffer and other components are all aging faster than the fully enclosed well, which increases the elevator failure rate.

(4) The lubricating oil of the car and the counterweight side rail is easy to dry, and the failure of lubrication or the failure of the lubrication system may cause damage to the parts of the rolling or sliding parts and be forced to stop and repair.

(5) Because the button is in a high temperature environment for a long time, it is easy to cause damage to the display diode, resulting in incomplete display in the car, the call button is invalid, and the replacement of the accessory increases the maintenance cost.

(6) The operating temperature of the inverter is -5 to 40 °C. The high temperature will cause the inverter to be protected, and the elevator will suddenly stop during the operation, causing the trapped person to happen.

(7) The high temperature inside the elevator car will cause the occupant to feel stuffy and cause high-risk conditions.

The transparent glass of the panoramic elevator needs to be effectively insulated from heat radiation in addition to high visible light transparency. Conai panoramic elevator is equipped with a professional thermal insulation film, which has excellent reflection and heat insulation performance, can effectively reduce the temperature inside the car, and on the other hand, greatly improves the passenger experience, and on the other hand, greatly reduces the energy consumption in the car. It saves the elevator operation maintenance cost, prolongs the practical life of the car, and at the same time adds a layer of invisible safety barrier to the glass. Contact us!

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