Choose Panoramic Elevator and Be Amazed!

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What is a panoramic elevator?

Through the panoramic elevator, we learned that the use of elevators has brought to the elevators that use the aesthetic experience, which goes beyond the pure and practical classic functions of all elevators, elevators or lifts built since the 19th century. This function is to transport people or goods between different levels of buildings, underground buildings or urban areas. As a result, the panoramic elevator is higher than the elevator of the same class, providing additional attraction for the place where it is installed and enhancing its value. The elevator itself even became a tourist attraction and why not the source of income for its owners.


Added value

The conditions of the tool, useful machine or mechanical device, designed to promote the life of its users, are inherent to any elevator or lift, in the case of panoramic elevators exceeding other values. These values ​​include the uniqueness, the ability to surprise, or the obligation to provide users with different experiences of value. Therefore, unlike the design of lifts and forklifts with strict practicality, standardization of production and design is a concept, accounting for only half of the panoramic lifts. Although the development of standardized panels and doors for atrium or glass hollows – the key material for panoramic elevator – has greatly reduced this type of elevator, each panoramic elevator project is different.

When designing a single elevator, the designer is forced to adapt to the needs of the elevator installation space, the expectations of potential users, and the wishes of the person who ordered the elevator. Therefore, to design a panoramic elevator, it requires more than just a simple technical know-how. Therefore, it is convenient to delegate the design to a company that makes the elevator a reason for its existence.

Conai’s extensive experience in this field is a guarantee for such projects. In the design of a panoramic elevator, usually the famous architects and designers design unique and specific projects for each development project, and only companies with professional knowledge, capabilities and characteristics can develop. It is often necessary to design unique booths and develop solutions that have never been seen before. However, the standardization of materials, the complexity of the building and the innovative capabilities demonstrated by professionals over the past few decades have enabled the Panorama Elevator to conquer the space that has been banned so far.

Today, global elevators are available to more customers because prices have fallen. As demand for such equipment has grown, prices have fallen further. Technical capabilities and economic accessibility are complementary, but don’t get me wrong: the panoramic elevator is the first investment. This is because, installed in a hotel, restaurant or business, it will attract individuals who will become customers. If it’s located in an urban or commemorative complex, you can maximize the appeal of the space, in addition to making it easier to access. In fact, panoramic elevators can be a source of complementary income: anyone is willing to spend a couple of euros to enjoy the unique experience of using this elevator.


Conai is a reliable panoramic elevator manufacturer in China. We offer design, installation and maintenance service. Feel free to contact us!

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