What Should be Paid Attention to When Cleaning the Oil Cylinder of Cargo Elevator?

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As the transportation equipment of lifting of goods, cargo elevator has been widely used in every corner of social life nowadays. It is indispensable to the use of cargo elevator in construction, civil engineering and daily installation and maintenance. Hydraulic system is an important part of cargo elevator machinery. Cleaning is the primary problem when the hydraulic oil enters the operation of hydraulic system. Dirt and other impurities should be prevented from entering the system. As you already know, tiny particles can graze valves, jam pumps, and jam orifices, resulting in costly repairs. Maintaining the hydraulic system is the key to the safety and long-term use of cargo elevator machinery. How to keep the hydraulic system clean?

The hydraulic cargo elevator should keep the hydraulic oil clean

Store oil in a clean place, and be careful when changing oil or refueling. The oil can only be poured from the container into the tank using a clean funnel equipped with a fine mesh filter. Of course, the oil you use must be the type recommended by the device manufacturer.cargo lift

The cargo elevator should keep the system clean

Change oil and filter regularly. Good hydraulic oil contains a variety of additives that prevent oil deterioration or block system parts. However, these additives will be ineffective over time. The oil should be replaced periodically to ensure that the additives are used. Filters can only absorb a limited amount of dirt and other impurities from oil. Replace the filter with recommended cycles to keep the system clean.

The cargo elevator should be oil and refuel regularly

Regularly releasing water and sediment in the tank is important for removing impurities in the oil, but it is also important to regularly empty the entire hydraulic system. This is the only reliable way to completely remove the impurities of the system, the hydraulic oil and other harmful substances that are oxidized. The recommended clean hydraulic oil should then be added to the system.

If the hydraulic oil of the guide cargo elevator is completely polluted, especially when the pump is damaged, the oil in the tank must be cleaned. The oil is flowing through the oil cleaning device until the oil pollution indicator shows that the oil is in satisfactory condition.

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