Observation Elevator Installation Conditions and Technical Requirements

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Observation elevator installation conditions

Observation elevator can be installed in the new building of the internal or external, also can make project to carry out renovation of existing buildings. It is important to note that the installation outside the building of the observation elevator must meet specific conditions to protect against weather conditions on the installation location of the negative impact of the elevator equipment.

Ice and frost of general load of outdoor observation elevator running constitutes the great threat. The personage inside course of study suggested, in freezing and frost frequently takes place is not suitable for outdoor observation elevator installation. Where freezing and frost doesn’t often happen, in the event of ice and frost, outdoor observation elevator shall stop the use. Windy weather is likely to be of people had to reduce outdoor observation elevator running speed or stop. Often windy places not suitable for outdoor observation elevator installation, unless the elevator shaft in a sheltered location completely outside the building. Therefore, in this case, the building must be installed indoor elevator is very important, so that the weather conditions unfavorable to outdoor elevator run time, elevator will still be able to guarantee the continuity of transportation.

Rainfall is moderate rainfall and hot weather for the reasonable design, installation, good outdoor elevator is not a harm, but the natural causes of seasonal and flying sand dust weather may cause transition for equipment wear and maintenance cost, which is before decide whether building install outdoor elevator is one of the problems that must be considered. Exposure in the open all elevator parts shall be made the appropriate treatment and protection.

Observation elevator shaft layout

The technical characteristic observation elevator

Observation elevator traction drive or hydraulic drive mode can be used, the choice depends largely on the elevator shaft of hoisting height and building conditions. As the observation elevator running have higher demand to the quality, so usually adopts frequency control of motor speed or hydraulic drive way. Observation elevator generally does not require high speed, because passengers want to stay in the car more moments, to watch the car outside scenery. Observation elevator speed lower than the similar passenger elevator speed as appropriate, as long as does not affect the building of transport. Car of observation elevator area consists of two parts, namely the passenger area and the observation area. Passengers area and the elevator car door adjacent to the hall, observation area usually is located in the rear of the car. It is worth noting that the concept of scenic spot and the passengers area ratio must be appropriate, area ratio will increase the difficulty of the balance of car, car width because the passenger area is restricted and extend the period of passengers into the car.

Observation elevator novelty lies in the car of observation area adopts transparent viewing wall. Before the observation elevator car design, designers should refer to the relevant building codes in order to understand the specification for use in elevator car and shaft glass material requirements. In the process of design and installation, transparent viewing wall shall not be used as load-bearing parts or structural parts. Transparent viewing wall around the frame should be enough to withstand all the level of stress, including the elevator passengers may produce force, without affect the deformation of the safety performance.

Its top and the bottom cover must be strong and firm, but must be at the same time, light weight, easy to replace. Its design shall guarantee the external decoration surface of car for repair work, oil or excessive lubricants are destroyed.


Exposed parts and components

Observation elevator hall door accessories exposed surface and its car each external visual parts shall be smooth and durable, corrosion resistance and easy to clean surface. Its material is generally use anti-corrosion steel or enamel materials.

For the elevator maintenance personnel to provide a safe place to its top driving operation and is can be done, so that they can perform daily equipment maintenance and inspection at the top of the car. Daily equipment maintenance including all public or shaft within the cleaning of parts and components, such as the hall door and door accessories, etc. Observation elevator car usually do not set its top emergency exits. Protection in the elevator pit and bottom layer at the bottom of a station, should be well in isolation at the bottom of the space, so that the elevator maintenance personnel can safely outside near the bottom of parts and components, routine maintenance and cleaning, replacement car outside lighting, etc. The most important thing is that you must set up shaft (pit) wall to prevent passengers or pedestrians into them. Typically offer at the bottom of the shaft and elevator equipment coordinated transparent wall decor, this belongs to the elevator part of the civil work.

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