Fourth Economic Census Government Departments Visit Conai

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Fourth Economic Census (government departments visit Conai)

On the morning of the 19th, the header of the standing Committee of the Yinzhou District Committee of Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, and his party came to the streets of Zhonggong Temple to supervise and inspect the implementation of the fourth economic census.

Yongte Wo visited our company, Ningbo Conai escalator and elevator Co., Ltd and through a conversation with census officers, asked and inspected the data collection of census registration. And in the registration process with our general manager Mr. Zhou cordial conversation, investigation of our production and operation situation, publicity of the significance of census work.

government department visit

Subsequently, the chief executive invited Yinzhou District excellent enterprises (including Mr. Zhou Yiping, General Manager of Conai) to discuss with the street and community general office, and put forward a request to the current Fourth Economic Census and registration work:

(1) first, to improve the political station. Every town (street, park) must set up the idea that “grasping the classics is paying attention to economic work”, standing at the height of being responsible to the state, being responsible to the district government, and being responsible to oneself, combining the “three entry” work and the building planning activities. Do a good job in the four general registration work.

(2) The second is to ensure the quality of data. Census offices at all levels should strengthen guidance and effectively improve the professional ability and quality of census officers. To mobilize professional statistical forces to strengthen audit, comparison, inquiry and other work links, and responsibility to people. Efforts should be made to create a good atmosphere for census work and to obtain the support and cooperation of census objects as much as possible.

(3) Third, it is necessary to strengthen the use of results. In the past five years, the situation and appearance of Yinzhou District have changed greatly, and the results of Sijing Pu have accumulated detailed data for finding out the situation of the new area, which is very valuable. To this end, census offices at all levels should plan ahead and make good use of the actual data in the light of current economic work requirements, and do a good job in advising the regional party committee and the district government on decision-making.

Conference of entrepreneurs

Among them, the operation and development of Ningbo Conai escalator and elevator Co., Ltd. has been highly recognized by the government leadership, and encourages the company to innovate actively and boldly to make better products and services. At the same time, we hope that Conai can communicate with other enterprises more, share its excellent experience, help other enterprises grow and play a better leading role.

yinzhou daily paper

Based on this incident, Ningbo Conai escalator and elevator Co., Ltd. boarded the Ningbo daily paper on the February 20th, thank the government departments for recognizing our work.

If you are interested in our company, you can browse the home page or contact us.

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