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Automatic sidewalk: moving sidewalk, automatic sidewalks to cycle (plate or belt conveyor) aisle, used for horizontal or oblique Angle is not more than 12 ° ferry passengers fixed electric equipment.The automatic walkway is suitable for the station, wharf, shopping mall, airport, exhibition hall and gymnasium.

Is running with a cycle (plate or tape), used to transport passengers level or tilt Angle is not more than 12 ° fixed

moving walk

Electric drive automatic walkway equipment.It has the characteristics of continuous work, large quantity of transportation and long distance transport distance.So it is mainly used for stream of public places such as airports, railway stations and large shopping centers or the place such as supermarket of long distance transport, automatic sidewalk not like escalator step cascade structure, structure of equivalent will step into a level (or tilt Angle is not more than 12 °) of escalators, and easy to the escalator.Automatic walkways similar to escalator steps are made of pedals or tape.

The automatic pavement is classified according to the tread structure.

1) Pedal type: automatic footpath of a plate made of metal or other materials made of metal or other materials by passengers standing on the tread.

2) Duct tape: the standing tread of passengers is the automatic sidewalk of continuous steel strip with rubber layer on the surface.

moving walk

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