Lift Shaft Dimensions Should Pay Attention to 5 Problems

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The lift shaft is the foundation of the elevator. The operation of the elevator is completely in the well. The quality of the foundation will directly affect the installation and operation of the elevator. That is the quality of the elevator. There are 5 questions that should be noted for the lift shaft dimensions.

1. Top Height

The change in the height of the top layer is a frequently encountered problem. In the elevator design, it is a standard top height dimension proposed according to the standard requirements of the elevator car. This size takes into account some uncertain factors in the civil construction, such as the top floor. The thickness of the decorative layer (although the dimensions in the civil drawing are the decorative dimensions), but the actual operation is not very important. So there is not much room for adjustment, especially in the actual measurement of some completed buildings. When the top floor line is determined during installation, there may be a situation where the top level is not high enough. In addition, the speed increase request of the elevator, the user sometimes proposes that the original elevator speed needs to increase the speed of the elevator. At this time, the problem of the top level is particularly important, especially for the problem of the old elevator reconstruction.

lift shaft, lift shaft dimensions, lift shaft size, standard lift shaft dimensions, lift shaft dimensions uk2. Pit Depth

The depth of the pit is the same as the height of the top floor. When the pit is solved, the height of the top floor is increased. For example, if a step is added, the problem can be solved but the user can bring inconvenience. This needs to be coordinated with the user. However, it is also necessary to pay attention to the problem of speeding up the elevator.

3. Opening Direction

The direction of opening the door has the problem of opening the door to the side door. Most of the current principles are determined by the direction in which the person stands outside the elevator and looks into the car. The direction of the lift shaft was determined due to the direction of opening the door, and the direction was wrong. Therefore, in elevators with side doors, attention should be paid to the direction of opening the door, especially the principle of determining the direction of opening the door.

4. Opening the Door

The determination of the opening width is related to the width of the lift shaft. The lift shaft dimensions is determined not only by the size of the car and the guide rail, but also the width of the opening has a great influence on the width of the lift shaft. The width of the sill of the car door affects the width of the lift shaft. In the lift shaft diagram, the verticality of the lift shaft of the civil works has a deviation of 30-50 mm, so the problem of lift shaft deviation should be considered when determining the width of the lift shaft. If the deviation of the lift shaft is large at the installation site according to the theoretical size, there will be a situation where the car is bumped into the wall of the lift shaft. Therefore, in the case of tighter shaft dimensions, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the car door sill interferes with the lift shaft. In particular, the transformation of the elevator requires a judgment on the deflection of the entire lift shaft.

5. Lift Shaft Dimensions

The width of the shaft has some requirements on the width of the opening of the door. However, the size of the shaft is not only the width of the door. The cable is placed at four positions on the outside of the car with the main guide rail as the boundary. The speed limiter pulls the wire rope, the leveling device, and the end. Station limit switches, these electrical devices must occupy a certain amount of space, if the control of the space elevators that do not install these devices is impossible to talk about.

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