The elevator control box

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      The elevator control box is a device used to control the operation of the elevator. It is generally placed in the elevator room, and the control cabinet of the machine room is placed in the shaft. The control cabinet consists of sheet metal frame structure and bolt assembly. The sheet metal frame size is unified, and can be conveniently hung and removed with plastic pin. The front panel is equipped with a rotatable pin hook to form a locked revolving door so that all the components in the control cabinet can be contacted from the front so that the control cabinet can be mounted close to the wall.

elevator control box

      The installation of the control cabinet shall follow the principle of convenient maintenance and patrol safety, and shall be constructed according to the location of the design. If the design does not stipulate, should make reasonable arrangement according to machine room area, installation form. In order to prevent water accumulation in the machine room, the control cabinet should be stable at the height of about 100~150mrn. Stable control cabinet, usually to cushion the control cabinet with a brick to the height of the need, then the pipe laying wire or wire slot, stay wire slot after laying tube or wire, again water cement light, solid control cabinet in the cement on the chopping block.

      The control cabinet shall meet the following requirements during installation:

      (1) keep sufficient distance from door and window, and the front distance of door, window and control cabinet shall not be less than 1000mm.

      (2) when the control cabinet is installed in a row, and its width exceeds 5m, the two ends shall have access channels, and the width of the channel shall not be less than 600mm.

      (3) the installation distance of the control cabinet and mechanical equipment in the machine room shall not be less than 500mm.

      (4) the vertical deviation should not be greater than 3/1000 after installation of the control cabinet.

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