Internal Structure of Lift (1)- Lift Consultants

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Internal Structure of Lift (1) – Lift Consultants 

The elevator’s internal structure is the core of the elevator, including the inverter, brake, buffer, safety gear, speed limiter, introduction device, automatic switch, transformer, rectifier, knife switch, transfer switch, contactor, electromagnetic relay, selector, main Electrical appliances, terminal switches, door chain contacts, brake electromagnets, light signal panels, floor lighting signals, signal displays, signal bells, guide rails, stairwells, machine rooms, car elevators, platforms, counterweights.elevator


By adjusting the frequency of the electric wave to achieve the purpose of adjusting the speed and power saving of the elevator.


Responsible for stopping the movement of the elevator, with electricity and spring-loaded components,


The buffer is the elevator safety device that provides the last kind of safety protection. It is installed in the elevator shaft pit, directly under the car and the counterweight. When the elevator is moving upwards or downwards, the buffer will act as a buffer to avoid the elevator car when the wire rope breaks, the traction friction force, the brake braking force is insufficient, or the control system fails to exceed the bottom or top floor of the terminal landing. Or the counterweight hits the bottom or the top directly to protect the safety of passengers and equipment.

Safety pliers

When there is a sudden situation in the car (counterweight), the guide rail can be clamped, the car can be braked, and the car can be firmly clamped on the guide rail. Such a device is called a safety gear. (Safety pliers have up safety gear, down safety gear and two-way safety pliers)

Speed limiter

The speed limiter is a device that controls the speed of the car (counterweight). When the car reaches the limit speed, the speed limiter of the car (counterweight) begins to act and acts on the safety gear to force it to grip the rails and brake the car. (The speed limiter is usually at the top floor, and the bottom floor is called the tensioner.)

Introducing device

The induction device consists of a knife switch and a wearable capacitor filter installed in a metal housing. When the elevator is out of service for a long period of time, use the switch to cut off the power. The filter is used to prevent the clutter receiving radio interference from entering the grid and the high-frequency current flowing from the spark contact wire along the conductor from entering the grid, while the low-frequency (5OHz) supply voltage can pass through the filter without hindrance.


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