Internal Structure of Lift (4)- Lift Consultants

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Internal Structure of Lift (4)- Lift Consultants

Lift Consultants

The elevator’s internal structure is the core of the elevator, including the inverter, brake, buffer, safety gear, speed limiter, introduction device, automatic switch, transformer, rectifier, knife switch, transfer switch, contactor, electromagnetic relay, selector, main Electrical appliances, terminal switches, door chain contacts, brake electromagnets, light signal panels, floor lighting signals, signal displays, signal bells, guide rails, stairwells, machine rooms, car elevators, platforms, counterweights

Light signal tray

It is used to display the signal of the position of the car in the ladder well and to record the light signal called from the floor platform. On the light signal board indicating the position of the car, visible light transmissive numbers or marks placed between the two glass panes and illuminated from the inside are used as signals.

The light signal board also has two indicators. The number of the floor number indicating the arrival of the car will be displayed in a prescribed layout method using the light emitting sheet in the light bulb.

Floor lighting signal editing

Passenger ladder for public buildings. Two lights and pointing lights are installed on the middle floor, and one light and one-directional light signals are installed on the bottom and top floors….

Signal display

Used to signal the empty car to the freight elevator on the landing floor. The display consists of an electromagnet and a switch button that calls the floor number. The number of electromagnets equals the number of floors served by the elevator.

Signal bell

A signal used to call the car to the floor of the ladder and when the elevator is faulty to call for maintenance personnel. Non-contact AC element spark rings are used on the elevator.


The full height of the ladder well is arranged like a track, and the vertical member for correctly guiding the direction of the car and the counterweight is called a guide rail.


Structures in which the car and the counterweight move along the guide rails are called wells. In addition to the guide rails, there are steel rope tensioners, buffers, working steel ropes and balance steel ropes, floor appliances, electrical wiring and flexible cables.

engine room

The room is equipped with electrical lighting, and some rooms are equipped with heating and ventilation equipment. The rooms are equipped with hoists, speed limiters, operating panels (electromagnetic stations), electromechanical converters, transformers, and other equipment. (Some are organic rooms, some are machine-roomless, and elevators without machine-rooms are usually set up at the middle station.)

Car elevator

The car is called a closed structure for transportation and transportation. Except for special purpose elevators and building hoists, all elevators are equipped with cars.


The horizontal frame and floor of the frame are called platforms, and the car floor has two types: movable and fixed.


The purpose of the counterweight is to maintain a balance between the weight of the car and the payload portion to reduce energy consumption and motor power consumption. In addition, on a winch with a steel rope drive wheel, the counterweight can maintain the stress ratio required for the branch of the steel wire rope on the side of the car and the counterweight. This is necessary in order to obtain the proper friction between the rope and the rope transmission wheel groove.


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