Internal Structure of Lift (3)- Lift Consultants

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Internal Structure of Lift (3)- Lift Consultants

The elevator’s internal structure is the core of the elevator, including the inverter, brake, buffer, safety gear, speed limiter, introduction device, automatic switch, transformer, rectifier, knife switch, transfer switch, contactor, electromagnetic relay, selector, main Electrical appliances, terminal switches, door chain contacts, brake electromagnets, light signal panels, floor lighting signals, signal displays, signal bells, guide rails, stairwells, machine rooms, car elevators, platforms, counterweightshydraulic-elevator

Electromagnetic relay

The electromagnetic relay is used to switch the electrical equipment in the control circuit. Like a contactor, the relay closes in the magnetic system with moving street iron and contact systems.


The selector is used to automatically select the direction of car operation. After pressing the start button of the elevator, it can also be used to make the car automatically stop at the specified floor and the light display of the position of the car in the ladder. The state of the selector electrical contacts is reflected in the accuracy of the position of the elevator car in the ladder. The floor switch system, the central interlocking system of the floor, and the relay selector with the car position sensor or the reed sensor can be used for the selector on the elevator.

Master Electric

Master electrical appliances refer to control appliances that are operated by a driver or passenger directly by using an elevator to start or stop.

Terminal switch

The terminal switch is arranged in a ladder or on a hoist and is used to protect the car from going up and down beyond an allowable level. There are two terminal switches in the ladder well: one is slightly higher than the upper floor, and the other is slightly lower than the ground floor. When acting on these terminal switches, the power-off device fixed on the car is de-energized. Only one terminal switch is installed on the winch, and the claw fastened on the steel wire of the speed limiter acts on it.

Door chain contact

The interlocking contacts of the door are used to check the condition of the ladder well and car door and ladder door locks.

Brake solenoid editing

Sort by power class and core rated travel value. According to the type of power supply, the electromagnet is divided into DC and AC (three-phase and single-phase); according to the rated stroke of the core, it can be divided into long stroke (30~120mm stroke) and short stroke (2~5mm stroke). DC electromagnets have a larger number of closings per hour than AC electromagnets, with little noise and smooth motion….


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