Internal Structure of Lift (2)- Lift Consultants

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Internal Structure of Lift (1)- Lift Consultants | Conai Elevator

The elevator’s internal structure is the core of the elevator, including the inverter, brake, buffer, safety gear, speed limiter, introduction device, automatic switch, transformer, rectifier, knife switch, transfer switch, contactor, electromagnetic relay, selector, main Electrical appliances, terminal switches, door chain contacts, brake electromagnets, light signal panels, floor lighting signals, signal displays, signal bells, guide rails, stairwells, machine rooms, car elevators, platforms, counterweights

automatic switch

The automatic switch on the elevator is used to protect the motor and electrical equipment from exceeding the allowable current, including the short-circuit current. The automatic switch consists of a current coil with a core, a contact system with a spring, and a thermal mechanism with a delay time. When the current in the protection circuit is higher than the allowable value, the iron core in the coil is attracted, and the spring that drives the contact is released, the electric circuit is interrupted, and the automatic switch is manually reset.


The transformer on the elevator is used to reduce the voltage sent to the control circuit, the car lighting circuit, the signal, and the repair lighting circuit. Such a transformer is called a step-down transformer. The step-down transformer can reduce the voltage of 380V to 220V, 100V, 42V, 2OV, and reduce the voltage of 22OV to 100V, 42V, 30V and 2OV. The transformers used are both single-phase and three-phase. The single-phase transformer can be used as a power supply or connected to AC electrical appliances and instruments or to a single-phase rectifier; a three-phase transformer can supply power to the three-phase rectifier and the drive motor of the door.


A rectifier is an electronic component used to supply power to DC electrical equipment. The elevator uses a dual-phase rectifier combined with a bridge schematic diagram and a three-phase rectifier that significantly reduces the pulsating rectified current. It can ensure that electromagnetic relays, contactors, interlocking buttons and other components powered by the rectifier work more smoothly. In order to flatten the rectified current, three-phase rectifiers with parallel capacitors are also used.

Knife switch

The knife switch is mounted on a separate insulating plate or control panel. When the knife switch is turned on, it can be moved and clicked to the spring fixed contact.

Transfer switch

The switch is used to close and cut several electrical circuits simultaneously. YII type universal switch is the most widely used


Contactors are used to remotely close and cut off electrical circuits. The contactor’s power contacts are closed using an electromagnetic system.


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