What will Influence the Choice of Elevators

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  • The placement of the Elevator in the house,
  • Elevator,
  • Elevator Trim,
  • Price Elevator,
  • other factors Elevator.

These factors are in random order, each owner puts them in accordance with their own priorities.

the Mutual influence of these factors is large, and restrictions can even lead to the refusal or inability of the Elevator installation. In any case, it is the object of careful analysis of the future owner of the Elevator.

Useful tips for choosing a lift for the house

Analyze open source information on the company-provider. The absence of clear information about suspicious.

Go to the website of the manufacturer of the lift, read the specifications and finishes.

do Not pay attention to advertising – do not let anyone push you to the solution, which may not be optimal.

No need to “dwell” on the brand and drive themselves into the narrow framework of choice for bloated budget.

do Not compromise on the security of the freight Elevator in this fact a matter of life and death.

Dismissing vaguely formed sentences without specifying the full specifications of the manufacturer and country of origin of the Elevator.

Take the certificate to the Elevator – it is legal.

I Hope that the information presented in this series will help you to form the approach to the choice of lift for homes and get the equipment that best meets your expectations and possibilities.

residential elevators

Finish cottage Elevator

In this article we will explain what finishes are applied to the cottage bodices and what to pay attention when choosing them.

Finish the cabin door of the Elevator

Modern electric and hydraulic elevators (or rather, their cabins and doors) are mostly made out of steel sheets on automated production lines, including the processes of cutting, bending, welding, etc. So the vast majority of manufacturers of Elevator equipment offer the following finishes elevators:

  • painted steel (usually powder)
  • steel vinyl coated different colors and structures in a special “hot” technologies of specialised industries. This material is known under the brand names “Skinplate”, “Plala”, “Tiskin” and the like.
  • Stainless steel in all its diversity. You can see the imitation of bronze, gold, mirrored surfaces, ornaments, including color
  • panel, natural wood
  • safety glass – it is used for walls and doors panoramic lifts

All other variations of finishes cab home elevators such as plastic, wood, textiles, leather and sometimes surprising combinations is mainly the result of the work of local experts from interior designer to cabinetry. If necessary, individual finishing the manufacturer usually ordered Elevator in the most basic trim (e.g., mild steel), which is then decorated with the selected material. It is important not to overdo it: the total weight applied finishing materials must not exceed the maximum values specified by the manufacturer of the Elevator.

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