What is the Cause of Oil Leakage in Hydraulic Home Elevator?

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The hydraulic elevator is an early type of elevator. The characteristics of the hydraulic elevator are also obvious, such as stable operation, comfort, low noise, and high utilization rate.

Many people are entangled with hydraulic home elevators, traction home elevator or screw home elevator? Why do many people entangle so much, because of the reserved size is not big enough, the size of the gantry is not enough and the screw home elevator is too expensive after all. So the hydraulic home elevator can solve the two problems, the size is enough, the price is right. As long as it comes to the hydraulic home elevator, most owner immediately said oil leakage.

The cause of hydraulic home elevator oil leakage:

1. Using time is long will appear after material aging phenomenon when choosing plastic joint pipe joint. Tubing and pipe burst, causing failure of oil leakage.  

2. Due to the combination of the box body and box cover surface processing, the surface roughness is too thick. Or too much residual internal stress caused by deformation, the joint surface joint is not tight. Or loose fastener damage phenomenon, that cause oil leakage.

3. Sealing ring after using for a long time, can make its loss of seal friction and wear performance.Or the material such as rubber aging makes the seal completely damaged, as well as between shaft and sleeve due to wear and make hole axial clearance increases, causing the phenomenon of oil leakage.  

4. Oil change is not reasonable, often can cause oil leakage phenomenon of the domestic  

5. No reasonable oil return pathway for oil return, it can also cause hydraulic home elevator oil leakage phenomenon.

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The advantages of hydraulic home elevator:

1. How hydraulic home elevator requirement for civil engineering structures

It without machine room, side walls, top height as long as there are more than 2600 mm can be installed, also can do it very shallow pit, minimum 10 cm of pit.

2. Hydraulic home elevator will not speeding out of control, easy to implement tiring save his life

No squats and spikes, as long as reasonable mechanical structure design, installation and reliable, and the safety coefficient of hydraulic home elevator is higher, and the hydraulic home elevator can use backup batteries, to implement the tiring save function. when the elevator failure or outage tiring, press the emergency button inside the capsules. On of the hydraulic oil drain valve circuit after slowly back to the fuel tank, the elevator will drop slowly depend on gravity.

3. Hydraulic home elevator can save space

The traction home elevator has a counter weight, the hydraulic home elevator has no counter weight and only two rails, so it can save space.

Choose Conai hydraulic home elevators if home size is not big enough, choose hydraulic home elevator right. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us!

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