Conai Hydraulic Elevator: Your Preferred Hydraulic Elevator Solver

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Compared with the traditional elevators, Conai hydraulic elevator has the following advantages:

Conai hydraulic elevator owns the systematic equipments and technical development platforms. In segmenting and market, we find that in recent years, hydraulic elevator has very extensive applications in the enterprise, factory house, warehouse, logistics center, supermarket, parking lot, bus station, airport etc. Based upon the situation, Conai effectively combines mass production with special manufacture according to different requirements out of medium and high end markets. It devotes itself to.


No vertical load to the architecture

Because there is no top machine room, the vertical load such as car load etc. Can be acted on the well pit through the hydraulic oil cylinder. In this way, the construction is free from any vertical gravity action from the elevator equipment and load. Therefore it lowers down the building cost.

Secure and reliable

It is safe and reliable for the hydraulic elevator running. Even if there is any power interruption or anything wrong with the power supply, it can still stably lower down the car to the neighboring floor before opening the door.

It needs no top machine room

It can be placed in any position near the well. As it only needs 4m to 5m for the machine room area, it can even adopt the unutilized area as the machine room.

Low noise running

The elevator hydraulic power system pump, motor, control valveset etc. Have been set inside the hydraulic oil tank. It integrates the hydraulic pump station into a whole. It designs the oil pump and motor into the oil submerged work mode. It effectively improves noise on the elevator running process.

Compared with the traditional elevator, our hydraulic elevator advantages are not available in traditional hydraulic elevator. Conai is a leading hydraulic elevator manufacturer in China. Feel free to contact us!

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