Is the Wire Rope that Drives Homelift so Fragile as We Think?

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In fact, the wire rope is graded, the wire rope for the hoisting machinery belongs to the first grade. The wire rope for the homelifts belongs to the special grade, which means that the safety of the homelift’s wire rope is very high. And the wire rope is not as fragile as we think. Generally speaking, there are at least three steel wire ropes for homelifts. As the rated load of the homelifts increases, the number of traction ropes will increase, and some even have as many as eight. Wire rope breakage is not formed in a flash. It is caused by continuous wear or due to uneven tension of the wire rope. After long-term fatigue damage, If one of is broken, the homelifts will not fall. It was found that the wire rope was broken and all the wires were replaced. The accident that the homelift is free to fall due to the breakage of the wire rope hardly occurs. Even if the wire rope is completely broken, the homelift’s brake safety device will trap the homelifts in the track without free fall.

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The saying “elevator falls” is the misconception that the passengers do not understand the operating principle of the homelift. Under the premise of normal maintenance, the elevator “falling feeling” is actually the expression of the “automatic addressing” function of the homelift. When the homelift can not find the signal during the operation, “lost” or “floor not found” “At the time, the homelift will slowly go up or down through “automatic addressing” and run the homelift to the base station to correct the floor count.

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