How to Choose Affordable Home Personal Elevator

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Personal elevator can be said to be a special kind of transportation, which is convenient for users to go up and down the building. Nowadays, many people in some multi-storey private villas want to install a personal elevator to facilitate their families. Nowadays, there are many brands of personal elevators. So in this case, what should we choose from the personal elevator?

The running speed of home personal elevator is not allowed to exceed 0.4m/s. At present, there are three main types of driving for personal elevators, namely hydraulic, traction and screw type. Compare the three personal elevators for reference.

personal elevator

Hydraulic type: Hydraulic elevators have low civil construction requirements and shallow pits, but the biggest limitation of hydraulic elevators is the risk of oil leakage.

Traction type: traction type personal elevator technology is more mature, use range is wider, noise is smaller and operation is more stable. But the requirements for civil construction are high, the space is large. Personal elevator brands are numerous and miscellaneous. If there is a existing shaft in the home, It is suitable for a personal elevator that suits your size.

Screw type: The bottom pit only needs 50mm, even the bottomless pit. The special structure makes the screw elevator not lose weight, and the top layer requirements are relatively low.

home personal elevator

Many consumers believe that the elevator manufacturers of the big brands will certainly be able to produce high-quality personal elevators. In fact, personal elevators and public elevators are very different. Personal elevators generally have to be customized, and public elevators are basically faced with real estate developers and they are ordered in batches. Therefore, consumers should choose professionally manufacturer engaged in personal elevators. Not only from the quality assurance, after-sales service also has its own professional team to carry out maintenance, which is what everyone often said, the industry has a specialization.

In recent years, the personal elevators have gained popularity. Conai is a personal home elevator factory and we provide affordable personal elevator cost. Contact us!

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