How to Choose a Place for Home Lift Installation

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The home lift helps those with limited mobility, creates easy access between floors and serves as a design element to enhance the home’s beauty. Whether your home lift installation is new or existing, you should consult with the architect, builder and lift contractor to determine the best location for the lift. There are several factors to consider when looking for the best place to install a home lift.home lift, home lift price, home lift elevator, home lift cost, home lift systems

New Home Lift Installation

If you are building a new house, lift shaft and machine room placement, if necessary, should be integrated into the design early in the design process. The lift can be used as a focal point near an entrance passage or the center of the house, incorporating a room or hallway, or placed next to an existing staircase. When defining the location, consider details such as lift configuration. Your lift can be designed to accommodate the residential layout on the same side, 90 degrees or straight through configuration. Your design team should plan the structure and electrical requirements to properly incorporate these elements during construction. If you decide to add a lift to your home at a later date, stacked closets can be combined to create a natural place for the installation.

Retrofitting a Home Lift

A number of different factors need to be taken into account when retrofitting a home lift, since the lift needs to be installed in your existing home, often with as little modification as possible to the site. A standard lift requires about 25 square feet of space. The lift drive system used may affect floor plans. For example, if the model requires a machine room, additional space is required. Most lifts require a pit about 8 inches deep. In addition, the shaft must have sufficient structural support, which may need to be built during the renovation.

The space around the stairs is often easy to accommodate the lift. Other places that work well include closets, hallways, caves and living rooms. If your garage can accommodate an elevated lane installation without affecting parking, the garage installation allows for safe, quick access from the car into the home. Just as important is where the lift goes upstairs. Many people find it convenient to land in or near their bedrooms.

Professional Home Lift Installation

The home lift is a complex system that must be properly installed to highlight its aesthetic quality and meet safety regulations. While you may be tempted to install the lift yourself, professional home lift contractors have the expertise to evaluate a space, discuss the merits of various home lift drive systems with you, and install the unit according to local safety regulations. Conai lift solutions are customized to design and build each home lift installation to meet your specific requirements. Feel free to contact us!

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