The Importance of Home Lift Entrance

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The key project to consider when planning your home lift is the entrance. The doors and doors used in the elevator not only provide security for all passengers, but also maintain the beauty of the rest of the home. There are many items to consider when determining the right elevator doors and gates for your home. All home lifts should include two types of elevator doors, the first being a car door and the second being a landing door.

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Elevator Car Door/Gate

A car door is installed in the car so you can ride. The door allows you to enter the car safely while the elevator is moving. The door can be operated automatically or manually and monitored before the elevator leaves the platform to ensure that the car door is in the closed position. Sometimes light or light curtains are also installed. The device is similar to a safety device for detecting obstacles that interfere with the travel path of an overhead garage door, but with more sensors to protect a larger area.

The doors are usually matched to the decoration of the elevator car and come in a variety of styles. Popular options include:

accordion gates, collapsible gates (sometimes referred to as a scissor gates), wrap around or tambour gates, two or three speed automatic (commercial-style) doors

Landing or hoistway door

The boarding gate is the door you see when you approach the elevator to call it to your location. When the elevator is not at the landing or at the landing, the landing door is designed to close and lock, but not used for a minute or two. It is monitored by the controller to prevent the elevator from moving when the door is open. There are many options to ensure that the door is in line with your home’s décor.

The landing door can be a swinging door, similar to the typical corridor door in your home, or it can be two or three doors. The swing door is designed to match the other doors in your home. With revolving doors, you can use fire doors or non-rated doors; this will depend on local building codes. The fire door can be a steel or wooden swing panel in a metal door frame. Non-rated doors are usually wooden side columns with wooden swinging plates. Some manufacturers offer non-rated wooden doors with swinging door panels to complement the decor of the room. Two- or three-door automatic doors are similar in style to commercial elevators.

When you are ready to choose the style and finish for your car and boarding gate/boarding gate, please contact Conai home lift manufacturer. We will help you understand the options available and work with your design team to make sure your elevator entrance is both practical and stylish.Click Here to Get a Quote!

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