How to Choose Suitable Glass Lifts

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We can see the glass lifts in shopping malls, office buildings, scenic spots, villas, etc. So what are the characteristics of glass lifts?

panoramic elevator

1 Security

Conai glass lifts come with an emergency release device that automatically layer when power outage.

2 Feature

When customers choose a sightseeing elevator, they definitely need to know the function of this elevator. Conai glass lifts are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. With their own steel plate or glass shaft, customers can customize the functions they need.

3 Beautiful

The beauty of the glass lifts are very important. The elevator you install needs to match the style of the building in which it is located. Conai glass lifts are easy to install and does not require damage to existing renovations. And the glass lift style is simple and can be perfectly integrated with the existing decoration style.

4 Technology

At present, there are many types of glass lifts in the elevator market. So customers must consider the technical when choosing an elevator. Don’t choose the type of elevator that will be eliminated. If the technology is backward, the life of the product may be shorter and the repair parts may not be guaranteed.

5 Practical

Installing glass lifts are definitely a matter of considering his practicality. Conai glass lifts can be docked in multiple floors for indoor or outdoor use.

glass elevator

In the process of selecting, we can choose more than ten years of brand. This is because the R&D team of the elevator brand more than ten years has been recognized for its experience and construction effect and has also achieved certain recognition in the brand building work. On the contrary, the newly established elevator brands are lacking in this way. They are often lacking in experience and elevator operation and are not worth recommending.

Conai glass lift series apply the open and deluxe decoration style. It is famous for super-strong visual aesthetics, the elaborate material, the consummate manufacture craft & technology. The excellent sight-seeing lift not only harmoniously combines with your high-grade building, but also adds glamour to each other. Conai is a leading glass lift manufacturer, service provider and exporter. Contact us!

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