How Much Maintenance Does A Glass Elevator Cost?

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So, you want to buy a glass elevator, but you are hesitant because you don’t know how much maintenance it needs. We fully understand your fears because, traditionally, elevators are highly maintenance machines. Having said that, you will be happy to know that the glass elevator requires almost no maintenance! How could this be? Read on to learn more about glass elevators and why they are easy to maintain.

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Traditional elevator maintenance – In order to better understand the way of maintenance-free glass elevators, you must first familiarize yourself with traditional elevators. Traditional cable drives or hydraulic elevators have many moving parts. Start with the engine room with the elevator motor and you will find gears, cables and fans. Then, as you look inside the hoistway, you’ll find more cables, pulleys, gearboxes and counterweights. To make a long story short, if one of these widgets wears out, the entire system will be in trouble. In addition to keeping all of these moving parts, you must constantly check the lubricants and lubricants used to help keep the machine running smoothly. All in all, elevator maintenance is required at least once a year. Some elevator owners admit that they must check the working parts of the elevator two to three times a year, especially if the elevator is not working properly.

Why glass elevators are different – glass elevators operate in a completely different way than traditional elevators. how about it? The glass lift is driven by a pneumatic or vacuum motor. To give you an idea of ​​the maintenance-free version of these models, you need to know about vacuum or air motors. Vacuum elevators are driven by air – not cables, weights, gears and lubricants. In this case, when the elevator rider wants to ascend, the pressure in the shaft above the elevator car will decrease. As the pressure drops, the pressure under the car gradually pushes the car up. To fall, the same thing happens but the other way around. The pressure under the car is lowered and gently lowered to a lower level. Since the elevator car moves by air pressure, no cables, pulleys, gearboxes, counterweights or lubricants are required. Moreover, vacuum motors that power glass lifts are far less complex than motors that power cable-driven elevators.

As you can now understand, reducing moving parts means less maintenance. Due to the small number of moving parts of the glass lift, this model requires almost no maintenance.

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