Why would a Freight Elevator be at the Northwest Corner of a Hotel in New York City?

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Why would a Freight Elevator be at the Northwest Corner of a Hotel in New York City?

Assume the hotel sits on the west side of a north-south avenue, west of Central Park and Broadway. While it may run along the entire block, north to south, it does not fill the block, but instead, butts against an equally tall building to the west. Interesting views are to the east. Nothing but the building across the street would be visible from the rooms that might have occupied the space taken by the freight elevator.

Freight Elevator

The service and freight elevator has to be somewhere. Being adjacent to the street to the north allows easy access by service trucks at a loading dock or doorway, reducing the space wasted by corridors to the interior.

If not high enough to assure any views of the Hudson to the west or northwest, the loss of potential rooms looking out on the side street may be offset by an improved floor plan for the rooms actually built out.

Smaller, mid-block hotels may also increase the contiguous space for retail shops or lounges on the ground floor, this way.


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