First Elevator:Who Invented the Elevator

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Do you know who invented the elevator? Elevators greatly facilitate our lives and improve our efficiency. Subsequently, a variety of elevators appeared。

The world’s first elevator – Otis elevator

It is reported that the first elevator in the world is the Otis elevator. The first elevator in the world was invented 150 years ago by Mr. Otis. Compared to the fastest elevator in the world, this world’s first elevator can only walk about 10 meters per minute. The elevator originally designed was purely effortless. Even if the speed is not as fast as the current fastest elevator, the style is not the same as the current one, but the world’s first elevator is a major step in human progress.the fist elevator

According to relevant knowledge, in 1854, at the World Expo held at the Crystal Palace in New York, the world’s first elevator designer, American Eliza Graves Otis, showed his invention to the world for the first time. Mr. Otis stood on the platform of the lift filled with cargo, ordered the assistant to pull the platform up to the height that the audience could see, and then sent a signal to the assistant to cut off the lift cable of the lift with a sharp axe. Surprisingly, the lift did not crash, but was firmly fixed in mid-air – the lift safety device invented by Mr. Otis played a role. “Everything is safe, gentlemen.” Mr. Otis, standing on the platform of the lift, waved to the people watching. No one would have thought that the elevator was the first safe lift in human history and, in a sense, the world’s first elevator.

Elevator innovation process

In 1887, there is an elevator powered by a DC motor. The world’s first elevator was installed at the 1889 New York De Mares Building. In 1900, elevators driven by AC motors began to appear. In 1902, Schindler in Switzerland successfully developed the world’s first push button automatic elevator, using a fully automatic control method to improve the transport capacity and safety of the elevator. With the advent of super high-rise buildings, the design and technology of elevators have been continuously improved, and the variety of elevators has gradually increased. The world’s first elevator has gradually been forgotten.

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