Most Exotic Elevator in the World

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In the 150 years, passengers have realized the comfort of modern equipment. In the process of human civilization, in all parts of the world, all kinds of elevators are actually a landscape.

1. The arch in St. Louis, Missouri, USA is 192 meters high. Its elevator is similar to a Ferris wheel, an egg-shaped five-seater car and eight such cars are connected into a train. The cars are each held in an appropriate horizontal position and rotated 5 degrees at regular intervals so that the entire train can follow the curved track to the other end of the arch.

Louis 192m elevator

2. The large aquarium elevator in Berlin, Germany, is a large transparent fish tank type elevator made of acrylic with a height of about 25 meters. It is located at the Radisson Blu Hotel in the Mitte district of Berlin. About 1 million liters of water is poured into the aquarium and there are about 97 species and more than 1,500 fish.

transparent fish tank type elevator-Berlin

3. The Eiffel Tower elevator in Paris, France, is a carrying tool used to help passengers board the Eiffel Tower. The rise height is about 300 meters and about 7 million people take it every year.

The Eiffel Tower elevator

4. The Rockefeller Center elevator in New York, USA is 243 meters high and has a panoramic view of New York. It is all transparent and has an hourly rise rate of 21 kilometers. It will be surrounded by colorful lights during the ascent. Visitors can spend only 42 seconds. Reach the top.

The Rockefeller Center elevator

5. The world’s most luxurious super cruise ship “Ocean Oasis”, the luxury elevator bar on the cruise ship, can move back and forth between the three floors.

Ocean Oasis

6. Wolfsburg, Germany, Volkswagen’s three-dimensional garage. This elevator has a high technological content, the car to the corresponding height and position according to the program settings.

Volkswagen's three-dimensional garage

7. Valparaiso, Chile, take the cableway elevator with cable car function.

cableway elevator-Valparaiso, Chile

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