Why does the elevator operator always hit the maintenance unit?

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Elevator sleepers are a topic of public concern. In order to reduce the difficulty of the elevator, it can be said that it is a group effort, including the severe administrative penalty for the untimely maintenance of rescue units.Here’s a point to focus on:

1.Can the elevator not be difficult?

2.What’s the right time to be in trouble?

3.Three, who should be responsible for the elevator operator?

What should the passengers in the elevator do.

Let’s start with the first point: can the elevator get stuck?

Can not do at present, will not do in the future!Why is that?

First of all, the elevator is a complex electromechanical device that requires it to be foolproof, not impossible and impractical!

Elevator set has a lot of safety protection measures, the safety protection measures in real-time monitor the safety of the elevator running status, once found abnormal or the elevator problem, it will immediately action —  stop! That’s the fail-safe model that’s often talked about abroad.

Second, there are no serious consequences.Unlike the serious consequences of an aircraft engine failure in the air, it does not require the elevator to have the same reliability as a plane.In foreign countries, it is really not a matter of the elevator sleepers, and you can wait patiently for professional help.

In addition, we have many of the elevator is set up to consider the elevator after tiring for relief, such as emergency lighting and communication, the elevator car door, floor, may set up, the distance between the shaft of the security, the car door, etc.Therefore, it is impossible for the elevator not to be difficult, and there is no need for such a requirement, from the consequences and economic aspects of the situation.

In 2016, there were 48 elevator accidents nationwide, 41 deaths, and the number of accidents and deaths were significantly lower than in 2015.By the end of 2016, the total number of elevators in China is around 4.9 million, accounting for a third of the world’s total, a five-fold increase from a decade ago.At present, the death rate of 10,000 elevators in China has dropped from 0.40 to 0.11, and the overall safety level has been improved year by year!

Who should be held responsible for the elevator?

Elevator maintenance is crucial to ensure the safe operation of the elevator, but is it appropriate to type the board in a maintenance unit?

After all, the elevator maintenance company is hired by the owner or the property management company to maintain the elevator maintenance!It is the owner or the property management company that must be responsible for the accident of the elevator.For example, in some states in the United States, the owner or property management company is directly responsible for the elevator.

The safe operation of the elevator is generally accepted by the owner or the property management company abroad.So the owner or the property management company when choosing elevator maintenance company will take comprehensive consideration, not blindly look at the price!In addition, in order to the quality of the elevator maintenance company maintenance has a understand, owner or property management companies often hire inspection on the elevator, the elevator consultant company has to ensure that the elevator is safe, maintenance is meet the requirements.At the same time, the owner or the property management company will also arrange personnel to receive the special training in the elevator!

We have been calling for the implementation of corporate responsibility, but what is the effect?At the end of the day, it’s not the subject’s maintenance unit!

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Why does the elevator operator always hit the maintenance unit?

Elevator sleepers are a topic of public concern. In order to reduce the difficulty of the elevato...

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