Elevator Guide Shoes

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Guide shoe is the elevator guide rail and sliding between capsules nylon pieces, called guide shoe, it capsules can be fixed on the guide rail, let the car can only move up and down, guide shoe upper and oil cup, reduce the friction of the shoe lining and guide way.

Each elevator car is equipped with four sets of guide boots, which are mounted on both sides of the upper beam and the bottom of the car.The four sets of heavy guide boots are mounted on the bottom and upper part of the heavy beam.

The guide shoe that is fixed in the car can move up and down along the fixed guide rail mounted on the wall of the building well, preventing the car from deflecting or swinging in the running.

Elevator roller guide shoes and slide guide shoes.

The rolling guide shoe is used to use 3 or 6 wheels on the track, which is generally used for elevators with speed of more than 2 meters!

Features: with rolling friction instead of sliding friction, reduce the friction loss, reduce the vibration and noise of the running, improve the ride comfort, but this guide shoe processing and installation requirements are higher.

Fixed sliding guide shoe is a sliding slot card on the guide rail, which is usually used for elevators with a speed of less than 2 meters.

Features: died from a guide shoe head is fixed, and the structure is simple, without adjusting mechanism, as the elevator running time growth, boots and guide rail fit clearance will be more and more big, in the operation of the capsules in shaking, can appear even shock.

Elastic sliding guide shoe is divided into spring sliding guide shoe (applicable to elevators with rated speed of less than 1.7m /S) and rubber spring sliding guide boots (applicable to middle and high speed elevators).

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Elevator Guide Shoes

Guide shoe is the elevator guide rail and sliding between capsules nylon pieces, called guide sho...

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