Elevator Guide Rail

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      The elevator guide rail is composed of the rail and the connecting plate. It is divided into the cage guide and the heavy guide rail.It is divided into T shape, L shape and hollow form.The guide is in the guiding role of the car, the impact of the car, the braking force of the elevator, the impact of the emergency brake.The size of these forces is related to the quality and speed of the lift, so it should be selected according to the speed of the elevator and the load quality.It is commonly known as the main rail of the cage, which is the vice track of the heavy guide rail.

elevator guide rail

      Elevator guide rails are divided into three main types: solid guide rail, heavy hollow guide and escalator guide.

      Solid guide is machined guide, is by the guide rail profiles by mechanical processing oriented surface and connection parts, and its purpose is in the elevator running to provide guidance to the operation of the capsules, small sizes of solid guide rail are used to guide.Many solid guide specifications, according to the weight per meter can be divided into: 13 k, 8 k, 18 k, 24 k, 30 k, 50 k, etc., according to the guide plate width can be classified as T45, t-50, T70, T75, T78, T82, T89, T90, T114, T127, T140, etc.

      The heavy hollow guide is a cold bending rolling guide, which is formed by the cold bending of the rolled sheet metal through the multi-pass mold, which is mainly used in the elevator operation to provide guidance to the resupply.The hollow guide rail can be divided into TK3 and TK5 according to the weight of each meter. The shape of the guide rail can be divided into straight edge and flip side, namely TK5 and TK5A.

      The escalator guide is a cold rolling guide, which is mainly used for the support and orientation of escalators and escalators.

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