The Importance of Elevator Guide Rail

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Elevator guide rail provides guidance for the car and the counter weight when the elevator is running. It also plays a supporting role when the safety gear is braked, and is an important component in the elevator system. The importance analysis of the elevator guide rail is from the safety and comfort of the elevator.


The factors that affect the safety of the elevator by the guide rail are mainly the material. The material of the elevator guide rail is too hard or uneven (partially hard). When the caliper is braked, the clamping will not get enough friction, which will cause the brake to fail. The most serious working condition of the elevator accident occurs. The elevator guide rails must have sufficient strength to support the car and the impact force when the safety gear is braked.

elevator guide rail


There are several aspects influence the comfort of elevator guide rail.

  1. Connection accuracy of the elevator guide rail: The connection accuracy of the solid guide rail is ensured by the end dimension of the guide rail and the symmetry of the yin and yang. The connection accuracy of the hollow guide rail and the escalator guide rail is ensured by the end dimension and shape tolerance of the guide rail. The connection accuracy of the guide rail directly affects the stability and comfort of the elevator operation.
  2. Guide rail surface roughness: The elevator guide rail surface roughness directly affects whether the guide shoe can smoothly run on the guide surface.It also affects the storage of lubricating oil, thereby affecting the running quality of the car.
  3. Straightness and twist of the elevator guide rail: bending and twisting at any point on the elevator guide rail will give the car a side force.Affecting the linear motion of the car up and down, so that the car has a sense of sway, as the elevator speed increases. The car will feel a sense of vibration, which will affect the comfort.

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