Elevator Frequency Converter

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Elevator inverter is a kind of instrument specially used for elevator control.Elevator special inverter is the high-end product in medium and small power inverter, which makes elevator efficiency, stable operation, the life span of equipment in combination with PLC and computer control, shows the advantages of non-contact control: more line simplified, flexible control, reliable operation, easy maintenance and fault


The frequency converter is a very common device in modern electrical equipment.

Physical picture of elevator frequency converter.

Elevator Frequency Converter

If the frequency converter is normally maintained, the failure rate of the converter can be greatly reduced:

  • The electric room temperature of the elevator should not be too high, otherwise the transducer element will be easily aged, preferably equipped with air conditioning.
  • Prevent the rain from getting wet, usually during the typhoon, when the window door is blown out by the wind, and the converter is caught in the rain;
  • Lightning protection, this is related to the whole building or the whole area of lightning protection facilities, the frequency of the lightning frequency converter individual damage severity;
  • The heat dissipation fan of the frequency converter needs to be cleaned regularly. The maintenance mode of the converter adopts the online voltage detection and the dc resistance measurement method, and it is found that there is a sound or no operation to be replaced.
  • The abnormal sound of the elevator motor is usually caused by the inverter. If the motor is unbalanced, it is better to repair it at this time, and the damage may be severe when the frequency converter is complete.

Elevator inverter is a kind of instrument specially used for elevator control.Elevator inverter control of the elevator is S type, namely the start and stop the acceleration are moderate, and the middle process, relatively fast acceleration, mainly for comfort, energy saving is also on the one hand, this is the general frequency converter

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