Why Buying the Elevator Door Operator is a High Failure Item

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Unless you’re in the elevator business, when you hear the word ” elevator door operator,” you might think of a fellow in a suit driving and controlling an elevator in a luxury hotel.

Well, that’s where it came from, but today it’s a system of engines, gears and levers that can be switched on and off thousands of times a day.

Upgrading your elevator door operator can be an expensive investment. Before you decide to buy, let’s review some key points.elevator door operator, elevator door operator parts, elevator door operator motor, eci elevator door operator, sematic elevator door operator

What does the elevator door operator do?

As its name suggests, the elevator door operator opens and closes the doors on each floor day and night. It has more moving parts than anything in an elevator.

It consists of a motor on the top of the elevator that turns the gears. The gears are attached to the lever arms inside the door. The motor will open and close regularly.

Why is this a high fault term?

All these actions make the elevator door operator one of the most common mechanical failure points in the elevator. Repairs take a lot of time, and they always make the elevator stop for a while.

When you live in an apartment building with just one elevator, it can be a huge hassle and a huge setback for residents. Seventy percent of all elevator maintenance calls go to the door operator.

Each time a door opens or closes, the parts wear out more. Uncontrolled open and close, as exists in analog systems, allows doors to simply open and close without any speed or position control.

The most common drawbacks:

1.doors cannot be fully opened or closed people move in and out, the door hits them

3.electric contact indicator doors close when not closed

4.the door is not fully rotated

5.the door keeps turning when it shouldn’t

6.the electrical safety circuit does not admit that the door is closed, even if the door is closed


Need more information?

Our team of elevator experts has been advising building supervisors, homeowners and real estate experts for decades. Not only can we tell you how much it costs to open the door, but we can tell you the whole process and even recommend the brand and style that best suits you.

Contact us without obligation, without pressure to review the status of your elevator door operator.

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