Introduction of Elevator Door Machine

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The elevator door machine

      Elevator door machine, is a responsible for the elevator hall car door opening and closing institution, when the elevator opened, closed signal, the elevator door machine through the built-in control system control to open the door motor, the motor torque into a certain direction of force, close or open the door.When the closing force is more than 150N, the door machine stops closing automatically and opens the door in reverse to a certain extent.

elevator door system

Frequency conversion machine

      The technology of door machine has gone through the development of mechanical door machine, variable frequency door machine and permanent magnet synchronous door machine.

      Ac asynchronous frequency converter is usually referred to as variable frequency door machine, and its composition is mainly divided into three parts: variable frequency gate control system, ac asynchronous motor and mechanical system;There are two kinds of motion control modes :” speed switch control mode “and” encoder control mode “.Speed switch control mode “cannot detect the movement direction of the car door, position and speed, can only use position and speed open-loop control, lead to relatively poor control accuracy and the smoothness of movement process of the crane is not so good, so much the use of” encoder control mode “.Now there is a specific elevator door converter supply on the market.

Permanent magnet synchronous door machine.

      Compared with the frequency converter, the permanent magnet synchronous machine has upgraded the ac induction motor to the permanent magnet synchronous motor.Permanent magnet is a mode of motor excitation, and variable frequency is the control mode of motor speed.That is to say, the variable frequency door machine emphasizes the control part of the door machine is frequency conversion control, and the permanent magnet synchronous door machine emphasizes the door machine motor is the permanent magnet motor.Both the frequency conversion technology and the permanent magnet synchronous technology are complementary.


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