Creative and Unique Elevator Design

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Creative and unexpected elevator design that take the concept of moving people or goods between floors to a whole new level.

The elevator is a truly remarkable invention that takes us up and down a multistory building at the touch of a button. This is really one of the best applications of Newton’s first law of motion, which is why you get a kind of fuzzy feeling when the elevator is moving from a static position. With the exception of a little discomfort, we all know that elevators make our lives easier. But that doesn’t stop humans from using their creativity to turn these metal boxes into beautiful and unique elevators that become attractive centers.

Trampe Bicycle Lift (Norway)

The trackless bike lift is the world’s first and only Bicycle lift built in trondheim, Norway. Built in 1993 to boost commuters’ cycling, the elevator requires passengers to put their right foot on a moving pedal. The elevator went up the steep hill in Brubakken, near Gamle Bybro, and pedaled all the way to christianstam. Trampe is a favorite of trondheim students.

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Globen SkyView (Sweden)

Globen SkyView is a famous tourist attraction that takes passengers to the Ericsson globe top floor in Stockholm, Sweden, the world’s largest spherical building. At 279 feet tall and 361 feet in diameter, the sphere has two SkyView glass cable cars on the outside surface, providing passengers with spectacular Stockholm views during the 30-minute journey.

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Santa Justa Lift (Portugal)

The Santa Justa Lift is located on Santa Justa avenue in Lisbon, connecting the streets of the city center with the Carmo plaza on the upper slopes. The 45-metre elevator, originally designed by Raul Mesnier DE Ponsard in 1900, was initially powered by steam and later converted into an electric lift in 1907. St justa elevator offers Lisbon castle, rosio plaza and belsa from the top of the great view. What makes this elevator unique is its neo-gothic design, with each story having a different pattern. It has two elevator kiosks that can accommodate up to 24 people and is a popular tourist attraction in Lisbon.

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